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Studio Backlot Tour closing at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Another casualty at Walt Disney World, however, unlike Maelstrom (which is being replaced by a Frozen ride), this is a decision I agree with. This is an attraction that has suffered set-back after set-back, from replacing actual tour guides with a recorded voice to the lack of any real studio to tour (Disney abandoned the studio in Florida after they finished Brother Bear).

The entire ride’s gimmick is a backing from Michael Bay (which isn’t helping in its credible) and the theme of the pre-show being centered around the early 2000’s film Pearl Harbor. Simply put, this is a ride that is a casualty of time and while I have fond memories of this attraction (especially from my childhood, when it was in its prime), here’s hoping that the attraction is replaced with something substantial.

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So back in the 60’s, before he died, Jim Morrison of The Doors accurately predicted that the most popular music of our generation would be Rap, Country and “electronics” which basically describes Dubstep and EDM in a nutshell.

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